Fall of the Castle!!

Like every little girl, Azra has dreams about life.. She always wanted to fly away and find new horizons.. Like every story, her story too had a twist which was unexpected. It shattered her world.. her castle… her dreams…

Azra, a girl who loved to be compassionate and kind to everything! Her childhood was like any other normal kid.. spending time with family but she didn’t have much friends. Maybe we can say only one or two.. If you ask whether they are best friends, it might be huge doubt ! Guess not!! so in short, she didn’t have friends to share her dreams, happiness, sadness or worries.. But she looked the world with HOPE!!

She was good with studies and never be a trouble for her parents. She was a daughter every parents wished for.. She was a sister every one asked for.. Her life in boarding schools never made her rough even though she had difficult times there.. she embraced everything she got in life.. some days were good.. some days were bad.. She took it as a lesson in life to mold her for the future.. Is she really wrong about it?

Not sure!!! Everything changed 5 years ago. She became a different person. The girl which noone knew about! She moved out of her country to follow her dreams.. Mistake or fate..? Don’t know yet.. People say love makes us blind. Yes!! Very true in her story..

Azra left the country and came to England to pursue her studies. She dreamed to  get a good job after study and settle there. But destiny had kept something else. She never went against her family who are quite conservative. So she never had a boyfriend in here life till she landed in England.

Azra fell in love with one of the most beautiful souls on earth! Not sure still, he is a beautiful soul or not.. She believed he was the one as she always dreamed. She had this weird dreams before she moved out of her country and meeting someone like Adam.

The story starts in an unexpected way…One fine evening she was walking back to her residence. One handsome guy was walking in front of her towards the residence. She didn’t notice that until the very embarrassing moment happened to her. She reached the residence gate, he turned around and asked in a serious voice “Are you following me?? ” Her heart stopped for a moment with shock!! She looked at his eyes for the first time and said in low voice “NO”….

There started their life story which made her life upside down!!!!